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Hi everybody,

As some of you might have recognized, I quit my job last December to take a year off. I planned to strengthen and build up a few (new) skills like product photography, set design, and illustration.

Year: 2022 . Client: Personal Project . My role: Brand Design & Art Direction

The Project

Someday at a random German Bio-Supermarkt, some fermented kimchi and sauerkraut came across my way (or I walked across their way, to be more precise). The products themselves looked quite yummy, but the visual identity and the packaging seemed to come straight out of an inkjet printer from the late 1990ies. After slight eye-rolling, I wondered if well-made brand designs even existed for this product category.

I did a bit of research and realized very soon: Nope. There were no cool visual identities for pickled veggies :) 'Good for me,' I thought and started developing an imaginary brand from scratch.

You might ask, 'Why on earth?'

1. Firstly, I had time and wanted to use it to improve certain skills.

2. Secondly, everybody knows pickles. And that's a huge plus, obviously. Pickles aren't a fancy-schmancy oat milk yogurt or a super organic and compostable cellphone, but weird enough to appear interesting for a particular audience (like my audience, haha).

3. Another advantage for choosing pickles is that there aren't too many well-made designs and ads around and about pickled veg, as I mentioned already.

4. Pickles are a self-explanatory FMCG product and, therefore, easy to handle. At least, I hoped so.


The Product Name

Finding a proper name was truly easy:
Prickle (since fermented veggies are slightly tingling) + Pickle (the product category)

PRICKLES, fermented Pickles.


The Visual Concept

I decided that there was only one major goal: The new visual identity had to be fun as hell. I would need saturated colors, unique typography, and smooth shapes to develop a fresh and unseen overall look.

So I developed three different visual concepts and asked a bunch of friends which one they liked the most.

Concept #01

This is the first concept I developed for this project. Its colors are bold and saturated, we have a certain playfulness going on, and it's already more fun than the present packaging in random German supermarkets.

But: This kind of visual identity isn't really new and, therefore, not what I was achieving exactly. We're used to seeing similar visual identities in other product categories. So I went back to the drawing board.


Concept #02

The second concept is entirely different from the first one. It's way more sophisticated, detailed, and elegant. I used bright colors (like in the first one), odd typography, and a few illustrations for this concept.

All in all, this brand design is more classy and definitely unseen–in a pickles context.


Concept #03

As I mentioned before, I asked a lot of friends which identity they like the most, and this concept is the winner! 🎉 It's bold, it's fun, and it aligns with the zeitgeist. I genuinely love the colors and the typography and how everything comes together ❤️❤️❤️


Next step!
I'm gonna develop an appropriate set design and prepare a real shooting–Stay tuned! 🚀


© 2022 Don’t steal, Christ is watching!

© 2022 Don’t steal, Christ is watching!

© 2022 Don’t steal, Christ is watching!

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HELLO ✌🏾🤞🏼                                WHO DIS?                                IMPRESSUM